Google and Levi’s collaborates to work on next Smart Jacket

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October 18, 2017
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Levi’s Commuter smart jacket was launched around 3 weeks ago. This smart jacket was already loaded with many features, yet Google, under its project Jacquard, is going to innovate this smart jacket for version 2.0 with the collaboration of Levi’s.

The jacket has numerous features like a cuff with touch-enabled fabric and Bluetooth connection. This feature might be helpful for cyclists to control their smartphones by accessing wirelessly.

Smart Jacket was announced last year by Levi’s with the partnership of Google’s Project Jacquard. Google works on weaving touch technology into fabrics under Project Jacquar.

CEO Levi’s, Chip Bergh stressed upon the two company’s work on developing a jacket which will exclude the need of taking your smartphones out even for performing complex tasks.

According to Bergh,

“I’ve been asked the question before, ‘When will you know if this is a success?’ “My answer is, ‘I already know it’s a success because we’ve learned so much about how to innovate by partnering with Google.”

Chip Bergh seems very confident after partnering with Google and believes that it is just the start of wearable computing.
The future is ahead when conductive thread and fabric will be weaved into all items of clothing. For voice interface, the Google jacket is still not capable as fibers don’t listen just yet.

Levi’s is also working on its innovative work to make space in the digital market. Recently, they have launched a chatbot that works as a virtual stylist.

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