Google Outage: Gmail, YouTube and other services go down in several regions

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari · 1 min read>

Google is suffering a major outage in several regions across the globe including Japan, Europe, and North America.

According to media reports, several of Google’s services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Map and Google Drive have all gone down. It is not yet clear how Google services across various regions have gone down. However, users are expressing their agony on social platforms.

According to DownDetector, an online website that keeps a watch on internet services said the problems with tech company Google services started at around 11:13 am EST. Another similar platform, Outage Report, also reported the outage.

Google Drive is offline and is not granting access to files. Same goes with Gmail. It is not allowing and preventing people from sending emails. However, it seems that Pakistan is unaffected by this outage and all Google service are working fine and effectively in the country. And media outlets are reporting that some users in affected regions can still use and access YouTube mobile app.

Moreover, Google has claimed that they had resolved the issue and its services are now working again as one can check on company’s G Suite Status Dashboard page.

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It is also reported that Google is not the only one which is experiencing an outage. GitHub and Amazon are also struggling with unknown technical difficulties, but it is not confirmed whether both these events are connected in any manner.

Featured Image Source: Economic Times Blog