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Microsoft to Launch its Own App Store on iOS Devices

Its suggested that Microsoft can launch its iOS app store by 2024, as the European Union’s Digital Markets Act...

Mar 21 · >

Google is limiting which apps can see everything else you have got in your phone

As of now, Google will be more selective about which apps on the Play Store will see other apps...

Apr 3 · >

Google Play Store has triple the number of downloads as the Apple App Store for Q3 2020

The ongoing global pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus has forced many changes in the lives of almost everyone in...

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Oct 16 · >

Netflix, Spotify prices might increase as Google seals loophole that allowed these apps to avoid app tax

Google says that they are enforcing a rule to make all Android applications on their Play Store use the...

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Sep 30 · >

Google Play Store will now take three days for approving apps from *untrusted* developers

In its effort to restrict and even ban malicious app developers from its platform, Google Play Store developer support...

Aug 19 · >

Over 2,000 harmful apps found on Google Play Store, report

A new study finds that over 2,000 apps on Google Play store are harmful in some way. Researchers from...

Jun 25 · >

Huawei has already been building a Play Store of its own

The recent shocking news of banning Huawei smartphones from using Google services has shocked everyone from around the globe....

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May 22 · >

Google is changing app rating scores on Play Store to focus on recent reviews

How could we forget that Google I/O is a developer conference, so definitely there is plenty of dev-focused stuff...

May 9 · >

Apple and Google killed three dating apps from their stores to prevent child sexual abuse

Google and Apple have just pulled out three dating apps from their respective stores. The apps didn’t block kids...

May 7 · >

Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps on Play Store

Google has recently updated its policy and banned several apps including cryptocurrency mining apps on Google Play Store. On...

Jul 27 · >

Apple’s App store beats Google Play Store in revenue by miles

Apple’s App Store’s revenue is twice the revenue of the Google Play Store, a research by app-analytics firm Sensor...

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Jul 17 · >

Google Lens is now available on Play Store as a standalone app

Last year, Google made its new object recognition tool, Google Lens available to Assistant, later rolling it out for...

Jun 5 · >