Google Street View cameras are getting an upgrade after 8 years

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Google Street View cameras are finally getting an upgrade after 8 years. The new cameras will be more powerful and capture clearer images.

The updated street view cars will have 7 cameras on them instead of 15 cameras mounted on the old cars. However, the new cameras will be more powerful. Each lens on the new cameras has a 20 MP sensor and there are two ‘cans’ on the front and back for laser radar. All of these updates will result in sharper and clearer images to bring users even better maps experience.

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Moreover, the new machine learning algorithm will make the Street View cars even smarter. The new algorithm will analyze the captured photos for street number and name and it will add the photos to Google Maps where needed. Moreover, Google is working to further improve its technology and it will be able to answer questions like “What’s the name of the pink store next to the church on the corner?” Isn’t it cool?

What is Street View?

Google Street View is my favorite feature in Google Maps. It lets you virtually tour the world in 360. You can explore any supported area in full 360 and feel like you are actually there. For instance, take a look at the Street View image of Model Town Park, Lahore.

Model Town Park Street View

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