Google’s New Search Algorithm Will Reduce Clickbait and Unhelpful Results

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Google just yesterday in its blog post revealed that the search engine is coming up with a new algorithm update, this one will be aimed at reducing clickbait and unhelpful content on google search results thus allowing content that is actually helpful to come up.

This update is another one of Google’s tactics in its war against unwanted websites that rule the top pages of search results despite having stolen and unhelpful content, all because they use SEO bots and below-the-belt tactics for ranking their web pages. In its announcement of the update, Google wrote that from now onwards the search results will have a more human feeling since they will include content that is original and is “made by and for people”.

With no more spun, rewritten, spam and manipulative SEO, it is quite clear that Google is going all in for providing the best content on search results, this is great news for websites producing quality over artificial and SEO manipulative content. These updates are somewhat similar to what Google did with its reviews last year when it engineered its algorithm to focus more on expert reviews rather than bogus review sites.

De-ranking unwanted content, this new update is more focused on improving Google search results in some specific industries such as that education, entertainment, shopping and tech.

Users for a long time have complained about the low quality of search results, disappointed users were found ranting over not finding helpful content. Holding 91 percent of the search engine marketplace, Google still has some strong competition from search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo, therefore the company has to constantly reinvent itself and find ways to provide the best results for users. This update paired with Google’s ambition to make the content more helpful surely is a great way to start.

Google with respect to its search results is currently in deep waters, the company is fighting two lawsuits that claim for it to have an unbreakable monopoly. The tech giant refusing to accept the claim says that it’s simply because the company has the best search results amongst all other search engines out there.