Google’s Santa Claus tracker returns to spread some holiday joy

Avatar Written by Adeel Aslam ·  54 sec read >

The annual Christmas-themed entertainment program, Google Santa Tracker has been making headlines from the start of December; not only does it allow its users to track Santa Claus during Christmas eve but it also allows them to play, watch and learn through various fun exercises that are updated daily.

First launched in 2004, Google Santa tracker has become the most treasured aspect of the holiday season for young-ones around the globe. It also puts an end to the confusion we have all had as kids, regarding the existence of Santa, being able to track Santa on Google Maps through location sharing helps in believing his existence.

This Christmas Eve, when Santa tracker rolls out the users will be able to track Santa’s real-time location on Google Maps.

Over the period of time, Google has added many exciting features to its Santa village; Many fun educational games along with the ability to call Santa through the Google Assistant are certain to make the Christmas season much more fun for you. Google assistant is also the go-to option if you are into holiday stories, just ask the assistant to “tell a Christmas/ Santa story” and you will have your wish.

Elf Maker game is the latest addition to the fun features of Santa’s village. Users are able to create their own elf, and then thanks to the machine learning model called PoseNet the users can train that elf to dance.
Santa Tracker can be accessed from both the web as well as the Play Store.