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Government To Train 1 Million IT Graduates In Artificial Intelligence

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

The Federal Government Of Pakistan has taken the initiative and planned to train 1 million IT Graduates in Artificial Intelligence and Allied Technologies by 2027.
After observing artificial intelligence’s importance in every field, The government has decided. Pakistan is far behind the world and needs more technical graduates in AI.

According to the IA policy document, a proper and standard model will be prepared, and 10,000 new trainers will be required to impart high-impact AI and Allied Technologies education.

The survey conducted by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) in 2022 presents that there is currently, only 10 percent of the workforce working in computing and IT is skilled in AI and Allied Technologies.
According to the document’s addition, a comprehensive national program to raise public awareness of AI and related technologies must be implemented nationally.


To reach the 90% of the population with internet access. The program designed under the Centre Of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence and Allied Technologies (CoEAI) has to redesign the curriculum at all levels of education, including training the existing workforce and specialized programs for marginalized women and persons with disabilities.

According to IA policy, the federal government will take the initiative and will create an awareness program of applied AI for all Grade levels 12 to Grade 22 employees. The employees, including all the allies staff and technocrats, work in different departments and institutions at federal and provincial levels.

Indeed, it is a fantastic skill development drive for those who are on the seats for public sector employees in AI and Allied Technologies Technologies. The objective aims to train at least 70% of existing employees working in the IT and AI potential sectors and 100% of new inductees.
According to the document, the government will facilitate at least 1,000 artificial Intelligence-led R&D initiatives in academia and the private sector through fiscal and non-fiscal support.

To support publishing in high-impact factor journals and conferences and gain recognition worldwide. All research students conducting applied research in AI and related technologies can apply for financial support, publication fees, and travel grants based on competitive criteria.

In addition, the government will assist in filling more than 2,000 patents for AI-driven goods and services for Pakistan by the year 2026.
Moreover, according to the IA Policy draft, the government will establish the National AI Fund to support Hi-Tech initiatives in AI and Allied Technologies nationwide as a spin-off Ignite Technology Fund.

The government will also create a Centre Of Excellence in AI (CoEAI) in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad with Auxiliary AI centers. The centers will take place at Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Gilgit, and Faisalabad to boost the presence of AI and Allied Technologies.

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