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Govt to improve internet services in Waziristan within ‘next four weeks’

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With directives to the private mobile service providers to improve services in South Waziristan, the government is working to recommence fixed-line broadband services in the area to facilitate the local community, particularly students.

In this regard, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) carried out a joint quality of service survey with the cellular mobile operators from January 25-29, 2021 in the area.

As per the results of the survey, the PTA asked the operators to not only upgrade their services (2G sites to 3G and 3G sites to 4G), but also directed them to consider the addition of more sites so that better voice and data services could be provided to the subscribers in line with the orders of the prime minister.

Improvement in internet services is expected in the next four weeks,” said the authority in a statement. “Furthermore, efforts are underway to resume fixed-line broadband services in the area.

It is believed that the provision of broadband services will facilitate the local community, especially students, in fulfilling their internet needs.

Pakistan has one of the lowest education ratios in the world, especially in the far-flung rural areas, as people are deprived of this basic necessity of modern world.

Poor internet connectivity in areas of Waziristan is hampering the progress of people in the region at a time when Pakistan is aiming to become a knowledge economy.

Currently, Jazz offers 2G and 3G services in the area while Ufone provides 2G services, as per PTA statement.

According to the survey results, data services of Jazz were found in compliance with the minimum license threshold whereas a few of the voice and SMS key performance indicators (KPIs) of both licensees were found below the license standards in some of the surveyed areas.

Telecom operators have been directed to rectify the identified deficiencies within 15 days. The survey has also identified the requirement of expansion of telecom infrastructure in the area.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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