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Hack Chat is the perfect way to instantly create anonymous chat rooms

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  1 min read >

The rise of social media has given a rise to the amount of socializing and chatting we do online, with WhatsApp and Facebook being the forefront of it all. However, in exchange for their services, these companies do require for you to hand over a considerable amount of data and place your trust in their hands. This isn’t really ideal at all times and there are a lot of privacy concerns. So if you need an anonymous way to create group chats or private chat-rooms, then Hack.Chat is the perfect way to do this.

Called “Hack.Chat”, it also has the same web domain as its name. It allows you to anonymously create your own chat room instantly. What’s even better is that the chat room is disposable and the process of creating your own chat room is dead simple.

All you need to do is,

  1. Go to your address bar, type “Hack.Chat”.
  2. Add a Slash and a Question mark after Chat, “Hack.Chat/?”
  3. After the Question mark, enter any name of your chatroom. You can use dashes or underscores instead of spaces. The web address should look like this, “Hack.Chat/?Tech-Juice”.
  4. Choose your “nickname”.

That’s it! No buttons to press, no forms to fill. Want to add more people? Copy the link and give that to any person you want to and all they have to do is open that link and choose a nickname. It even works perfectly on mobile devices.

Here is a screenshot of a chat room we created,

Hack Chat 1

The only catch, or maybe the beauty of Hack.Chat, is that the ones that join in later on can’t read the messages sent before they joined in. Built by a student of the University of Tennessee, this really is an incredible yet simple way of creating instant chat rooms. The student, Andrew Belt, also says that Hack.Chat’s servers don’t save any chat records, but we won’t really advise sharing confidential information on it.

Source: TheNextWeb

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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