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Healthy at Work, a screening system for organizations rolled out by Verily Health Sciences

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

An app-based health screening system was recently launched by Verily Life Sciences. The aim behind launching the application was for the businesses and academic institute who wishes to reopen amid the COVID 19 pandemic.

The app will make recommendations to employees regarding how soon the employees must be retested. The recommendations would be based on the local public health data and test conclusions.

The screening of symptoms would be conducted daily by the app to either route people to get tested or mark them fit to return to the work. As per the spokesperson of Verily, it depends on every participating company whether they want to test the employees all at once or in forms of groups. The screening system is not only going to be used for determining who should be tested rather it’s a foolproof way to prevent the outspread of the disease on a corporate level.

The employers will be able to access the result of the employees,  this way they will be able to decide ways to mitigate the spread of infection. The spokesperson of verily said: “The information can’t be shared with any insurance company on the panel. The data collected by Verily through the Healthy at Work program will never be joined with the individual’s data stored in the Google products without the individual’s explicit permission. Nor do employees or companies need Google account to participate in the Healthy at Work program.”

Verily the sister company of Google introduced a novel coronavirus screening site which was unexpectedly announced by Donald Trump during a White House Briefing. According to US president, Google was working with a testing program that has tested over 220,000 people across the country.