HEC call for Research Proposals for Grand Challenge Fund

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The Higher Education Commission (HEC) invites research proposals from Pakistani faculty members of public and private universities for HEC funding under the Grand Challenge Fund (GCF) Research Grant Programme.

Grand Challenge Fund is a key element of the Higher Education Development in Pakistan Project supported by the World Bank and implemented by HEC. Grand Challenge Fund is anticipated to promote research excellence in strategic sectors of the economy and will provide funds to selected institutions based upon a competitive, peer-reviewed evaluation of proposals. GCF will support large, multisectoral/multidimensional research projects. Successful GCF projects are expected to be collaborative in scope, with research teams working cooperatively to accelerate research progress for societal impact. GCF is focused on supporting research in priority thematic areas of national interest.

The GCF is focused on supporting innovation and research in the following areas of national interest which include; Food Security, Water Management and Sustainability, Sustainable Energy, Sociology and Philosophy, Development Economics, Urban Planning, Climate Change and Environment, Information Technology and Telecom, Innovative Governance and Reforms.

Key Features

  • Expected Number of Grants: 25 per year
  • Maximum Project Duration: 3 years
  • Individual Grant Value: Rs. 15-225 million

Eligibility Criteria

  • Project Team may include
    • A consortium of faculty members from multiple university departments and/or multiple universities
    • Private sector participants
    • International partners
  • International collaborations are encouraged
    • When the international partner brings a unique added value to the project team

How to Apply

Proposals from Academia/Faculty members endorsed by Head of HEls/ORIC/Directorate of Research must be submitted through HEC online portal not later than February 7, 2020, before 1700 hours PST.

Information and details of the programme can be seen here.

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