Here’s how to get a driving license in Punjab using PITB’s Rasta app

Written by Talha Ikram ·  1 min read >

The government of Punjab is continuously integrating technology into its day-to-day operations facilitating the people of Punjab, especially in this COVID period as most governmental functions had to be stopped.

PITB’s Rasta app launched more than 3 years ago, will make your life easier if you want to get a driving license in Punjab. PITB has been adding more features to the app since then. You can apply for a license, pay challans, plan your commute, and get updated traffic information.

Here is how you can get an appointment for your driving license in Punjab easily:

1. Download the Rasta app from Google Play Store or iOS store:


2. Open the app once it has downloaded:


3. Register for the app with your Name, CNIC, Email, and Mobile Number:


4. You’ll get the following screen. Click on the schedule appointment option:


5. Select the type of appointment you need:


6. Fill in the details for the appointment. Keep in mind while selecting a date, you may need to check quite a few dates for an available time slot (3-4 days in advance). If a time slot is available on the date you selected it will automatically prompt you to select a time slot. Then just click on submit:


7. Now you should get the details of your appointment. You’re set! Make sure you get there a few minutes before the actual appointment with your CNIC for any formalities. You got your license appointment in 6 easy steps! No waiting in lines, no hassle! The last step is for you to get there.

It is as simple as that. PITB has also launched an app for excise and taxation and ePay. These apps let you do most of the work at home, may it be paying token tax, vehicle registration, any sort of payment to be made to the government.

Image Source: DunyaNews