This high-tech heater can also mine Ethereum for you

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Comino ─ a Russian cryptocurrency startup has developed a device to mine Ethereum and it also works as a heater. Very good in cold weather.

Comino ─ a Russian cryptocurrency startup has introduced a high-tech solution which is aimed for both i.e immobilizing recession and dealing with cold weather too. They have developed a device to mine Ethereum and it also works as a heater.

The officials of Comino explained that this gadget has a feature of sturdy liquid cooling and it is also compatible with different hashing algorithms. With this tool, one can easily mine Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

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This seems to be fun when you live in an extremely cold region of the world and somehow have managed to find a way to deal with it, with the additional benefit of supporting states economy.

This mining tool contains eight high-end ASUS P106-100 6G graphic processors packed in a slim metallic body. It has two variants Comino N1 and Comino N4.

Co-founders Evgeny Vlasov and Alexey Chistov have a point of view that at the current exchange rate of Ethereum the device can mine almost $300 worth of currency a month. But that value is dependent on how much energy you consume every day.

Comino crypto heater is capable of heating 25-30 square meter room comfortably warm, as claimed by the company.

The device has a price of $5,000 and currently available at discount price of $4500. In a case, if you are passionate to build your GPU mining rig visit this site.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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