Russia Adds Meta to ‘Terrorist and Extremist’ Groups List

Daughter companies Facebook and Instagram were already banned in March for carrying out ‘Russophobia’ Russia financial monitoring agency, Rosfinmonitoring,...

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Oct 14 ·>
Russia Adds Meta into list of

What happens if Russia’s supplies to Europe are cut?

By restricting gas supply, Vladimir Putin and Russia’s state-owned energy behemoth Gazprom looks to be affecting Europe. The International...

Oct 5 ·>
EU and Russia conflict

Russian Officials Approved the Use of Cryptocurrency for Cross-border Payments

According to different sources, the bank of Russia and the country’s ministry of finance have reached an agreement that...

Bitcoin Russia

Comical Hackers Played A Traffic Prank In Moscow And Caused A Massive Traffic Jam

Hackers attacked a popular Russian taxi app, sending hundreds of drivers to the same address in Moscow and causing...

Sep 5 ·>
Moscow traffic jam

Dell Ceases All Operations In Russia And Ukraine To Join The Western Ban On Russia.

Western countries including the US and 37 European countries have started to impose bans on technological bans on Russia...

Aug 30 ·>
Dell Russia

Can West Disassemble Russia By Technology Export Bans?

Western countries including the US and 37 European countries have started to impose bans on technological bans on Russia...

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Aug 24 ·>

United States sanctions six Russian companies for aiding Russia’s cyber-attacks against the US

The Biden administration issued sanctions against six Russian technology companies for helping Russia carry out malicious cyber activities, including...

Apr 21 ·>

Pakistan to get “top-secret” military equipment from Russia, Indian concerns expected

Despite a shared cold war past, the two countries continue to break ice gradually. The first Russian foreign minister’s...

Apr 8 ·>

Russian court fines Twitter over failure to remove illegal content

A Russian court has fined Twitter a total of 8.9 million roubles ($116,800) over accusations that the social media...

Apr 3 ·>

The US gears up to launch a counter-attack in response to Russian hacking of SolarWinds

The United States is planning to take action against Russia after reaching the conclusion that it was involved in...

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Mar 9 ·>

Twitter removes hundreds of accounts linked to Iran, Russia over “policy violations”

Twitter has removed hundreds of accounts in Iran, Russia, and Armenia, despite widespread criticism of the platform’s suppression of...

Feb 24 ·>
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Sputnik V, the Russian Corona vaccine is 92 percent effective

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has confirmed that their vaccine for the Novel Coronavirus, the Sputnik V offers...

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Nov 11 ·>