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How Social Media Celebrities are spending their Eid

Written by Fariha Muazzam ·  2 min read >

Eid-ul-Fitr is a celebratory day for Muslims all around the world. It is a gift to them from Allah for fasting in the month of Ramadan and they certainly spend it with zeal and zest. From eating lots and lots of food to meeting a lot of people, celebrations are always in full swing.

This Eid TechJuice brings to you an Eid-special story; sharing tidbits of how certain social media celebrities like to spend their Eid- our very own Eidi for the readers.


Eid for me would be the usual: lots of great food and catching up with family. I’ve been working too much lately so looking forward to seeing my cousins etc. I have a new project up so I’ll be working from home as well but I’m happy and excited about everything. This Ramadan has been very exciting and perspective-shifting as always and I hope to continue to grow as a person. Stay blessed!
Muhammad Abdullah, TypeWriter


Well I would like to keep my Eid simple because the entire Ramadan was spent in protesting for Gaza. So I would not be celebrating it with lights and henna but would just pray more for peace and justice.
The HudaJafri Diaries

Breaking-StereotypesEid, for me is a gateway, from my social life to my family since I live away from my parents. This Eid, would be like any other hopefully. Waking up from the Chand Raat hangover, getting ready in a decent pair of clothes, marching towards the Mosque and offering the Eid prayer followed by the harmonious hugging ritual. Afterwards, spending good quality time in family activities, mostly eating (I love eating) or going out somewhere for a family gathering. That sums it up. It’s the feeling that the day “Eid” itself provides makes it so precious. Hope all Muslims around the world have an amazing Eid.
Kamil Mahmood Kiani , Breaking Stereotypes Pakistan


We, desis are known for our Eid celebrations, well honestly, for almost every celebration, but yeah we do it with a bang. A table full of delicious food, sweets, Eid dresses, colors and decors, smiling and chatty guests, and pocket full of Eidis, oh and off-course Eid text messages; well that’s how it does sound perfect but I have a little own way of doing things. I get happy when I make people happy. So I usually drop Eidi/presents (no matter how small they are) to the needy people I grew up seeing struggling, after all it’s Eid for them too. Then I will be helping my mum in kitchen and cook a few of my favourites, after all they are the ones to look after us all during Ramzan. And then off-course there’s a lot of time for family & friends and shopping for my super cute and cool nephew and niece and there’s nothing in the world like that. Later on Eid’s 2nd day, I will be shooting at Shukhat Khanum Cancer Hospital as well as in Androon Sheher to document how they celebrate Eid as well this document will be a part of my Independence Day celebrations video to show and spread unity and good side of us.


As far about my Eid plans ahh! I really don’t know what to say,because my Eid is usually boring. The city in which I live in, I don’t have much family here as they are in the other city so I don’t have those usual family hangouts on Eid. I just go for Eid Prayers, come back, grab Eidi from my parents and other few relatives who are here, spend time with my friends (if they have not gone to their respective hometowns) and of course share some moments with my Facebook followers too who now are like a family to me as well.
The Traitors of Pakistan

Written by Fariha Muazzam
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