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How To Get Noticed – A Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

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If you are a young entrepreneur, you should also have a strong personality so that no one ignores you only because you are young and inexperienced. No matter where you are, in a meeting with an investor, giving presentation in front of an incubator’s jury or anywhere else, you should stand out among others and get yourself noticed. Although this is a vast topic and plenty of books can be found on this topic, it requires time and training to change your attitude altogether. Below are some handy tips that you can easily follow.

1. Make A Strong Appearance

It is a common saying that First impression is the last impression. Therefore, you should have a strong appearance. It is the first filter of everyone. Having a good first impression does not require tall height, good face cut or beautiful hairs, it is about how you dress and how you behave.

You are not required to wear a three-piece suite all the time; it depends on where you are and what is the required dress code. I would definitely prefer coat suit in a meeting with investors, I would rather prefer dressing formal dress without coat in a networking event, whereas in a talk in a university event, I may prefer wearing jeans.

2. Give a Warm Welcome

Give a warm welcome to everyone by mastering the handshake. A firm handshake would not only make them feel comfortable with you but would also strengthen your presence. While shaking hand, hold hand with a good grip and make eye contact. However, do not make your grip so hard that it squeeze their hands. Your handshake should look like you are giving them respect.

3. Listen More Speak Less

If you are in discussion, you should talk less. The person who speaks more becomes more vulnerable and gives more chances to be argued. Everyone likes to hear about himself and share his experience, give them chance to do the same and they would enjoy talking with you.

4. Be Confident

You should be confident while speaking. First of all, you should think before you speak and you should know what you are saying. If someone counters you, you should prove what you are talking about with strong evidence. Even if you feel that you are wrong in the middle of a conversation, never ever lose your confidence and continue with your point because there are very strong chances that you are indeed right even if you have lost confidence.

5. Do not Uptalk

Starting your sentence with lower tone and ending with higher one is known as “Uptalk” or “Upspeak”. It is the tone of a question and it represents doubt and uncertainty even if you are confident. It also makes you less credible.

While talking anywhere always start with higher tone and end with lower to make your audience feel like you are confident on what you are saying.

6. Increase General Knowledge

Having extensive field knowledge is not enough to impress a person. You should also focus on general knowledge along with keeping yourself updated with industry trends. You should be a person to whom people like to talk with by discussing them on their interesting topics instead of topics of your interest. It can be easily achieved by making the habit of reading.

7. Be A Storyteller

Story telling is the must have skill for every entrepreneur. Storytelling is art of delivering your message with words and images in conjunction with strong emotions. A good storyteller does not only make his audience listen to him, but he also makes them feel what he feels and think what he thinks.