HP launches a new range of EliteBooks with built-in webcam cover

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HP’s new EliteBook range this year provides a shutter for webcam and external mic for better voice distribution with other tools for their users.

HP has recently launched a new range of EliteBook 800 series laptops and monitors but main pointers of these products in a public view are: which is used to cover Webcam, so you are ensured that one is not being watched. Secondly, Mics on both sides for clearer sound are also added.

The three new refreshed models of HP’s EliteBook are providing a shutter for webcam in their default configuration. The models are dubbed as the fifth-generation EliteBooks 830, 840, and 850, as reported by The Verge.

But if you want to upgrade your system into touchscreen than according to HP’s management the bezels don’t have enough space to include cover for Webcam too.

HP isn’t the only one with this feature, two years back Lenovo provided Webcam cover in its ThinkPad laptops but respectively this feature is still new in sense of security.

The exciting thing is two-faced mic one placed on the outside of laptop’s lid which is basically used to cover other voices while you are in a meeting and other people are participating, so external mic will help to distinguish their voices from yours. While individual mic helps in noise reduction and gives a clearer projection of your voice. This feature will not only be used for Skype calls as built-in noise cancellation software but also for “PC Calls”.

Other than that EliteBook refreshed version of workstation laptops ZBook 14u and 15u have design changes and are deemed to be “World thinnest mobile Workstation”. HP has also announced three new 4K Displays for Zbook 27-, 31.5-, and 42.5-inch models.

There have been rumors that these three EliteBook Laptops will go on sale this month with prices starting from $1,029. Later on, Zbook Model will also make their place towards the market with starting range at $1,099.

Image Source: Engadget