5 of the best laptops you can get in Pakistan under Rs. 50,000 in 2020

The prices of laptops have gone skyward since the dollar rate spiked to more than 160 and the tax...

Oct 25 ·>

HP launches a new range of EliteBooks with built-in webcam cover

HP’s new EliteBook range this year provides a shutter for webcam and external mic for better voice distribution with...

Feb 7 ·>

Back to School Season: 5 best laptops to buy under Rs. 50,000

Colleges and universities are opening shortly and with that comes a headache regarding the most suitable laptop for studies....

Aug 25 ·>

Surface Pro Killers: HP releases top of the line Spectre x2 laptops for artists

Taking a fair advantage of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, HP has unveiled three top of the line creativity-focused...

May 22 ·>

KeySniffer, a new keyboard vulnerability, is exposing millions of people to hackers

A newly discovered vulnerability in wireless, radio-based keyboards could be exposing users to hackers. This vulnerability, being called KeySniffer,...

Jul 27 ·>

HP looking to outsmart Apple in 5th April launch

Over the last few years, HP has emulated the design on the Apple’s MacBook series. The Apple MacBook brought...

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Apr 4 ·>

5 laptops that you can buy under 50K easily in Pakistan

In today’s modern age, technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Focusing particularly on computer systems, we see new...

Feb 11 ·>