5 Laptops you can buy in under Rs. 35K in Pakistan – 2021

Laptops have seen a huge upturn in demand in the year 2020 with most education and business activity being...

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5 of the best laptops you can buy under Rs. 100,000 in Pakistan

Today, buying a laptop is hard as new models keep coming every day with new and improved technology. It...

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5 of the best laptops you can get in Pakistan under Rs. 50,000 in 2020

The prices of laptops have gone skyward since the dollar rate spiked to more than 160 and the tax...

Oct 25 · 2 min read >

IBM unveils the world’s smallest and cheapest computer with blockchain technology

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is an American multinational technology company unveiled the world’s smallest computer with blockchain...

May 28 · 1 min read >

Samsung announces world’s biggest SSD with 30TB capacity

Looks like Samsung is fond of doing bigger things; like its bigger Galaxy Note 8, launched last year and...

Feb 21 · 1 min read >

HP launches a new range of EliteBooks with built-in webcam cover

HP’s new EliteBook range this year provides a shutter for webcam and external mic for better voice distribution with...

Feb 7 · 1 min read >

Microsoft to launch Snapdragon powered laptops with up to 2 days battery life

Last year, Microsoft unveiled its plans that it will be manufacturing ARM-powered laptops soon. Now Microsoft is very close...

Oct 19 · 1 min read >

You can settle for Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro if you can’t afford the MacBook Pro

Xiaomi has officially announced the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro and it is directly targeting at the Apple MacBook Pro....

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Back to School Season: 5 best laptops to buy under Rs. 50,000

Colleges and universities are opening shortly and with that comes a headache regarding the most suitable laptop for studies....

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US bans laptops and tablets on flights from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and many other Muslim countries

The US administration has banned passengers of many Muslim countries from carrying electronic devices on the flight. A UK-based...

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Mar 21 · 1 min read >

Shingtech becomes the official distributor of ASUS notebooks in Pakistan

Shingtech has officially announced that it would be launching ASUS notebooks in Pakistan. Shing Technologies Inc. (often abbreviated as...

Jul 12 · 41 sec read >
Asus ROG

Budget 2016-17 Roundup: Government may exempt taxes for laptops imports and export of IT services and products

The Federal Budget for 2016-17 may have brought some bad news for mobile phone-enthusiasts with an increase in sales...

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Jun 4 · 34 sec read >
FBR put tax on Laptops and Computers