HTC Explorer Jelly Bean ROM [CM 10]

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With powerful hardware features but an outdated OS that is Gingerbread, there’s little we can do with our Explorer. Whether its a system wide proxy or pairing with bluetooth keyboards, you’ll encounter issues at each step while using Gingerbread. Ever wondered how can we run powerful apps designed for pricey mobile phones and tablets on our HTC Explorer. Don’t worry we are going to tell you How. The simple solution to this problem is getting a stock ROM.

Luckily our little guy Explorer has got the capability to run high end operating systems. Many ROMs are available but one of the latest is the CyanogenMod10 still in beta phase but it works like a charm on this device.


There is no known bug yet in this beta release. However there are minor issues that will be fixed in the upcoming updates. Here’s a detailed list of features and issues;


Android version 4.1.1
CyanogenMod version 20130314
Kernel version 2.6


Project butter
Video Recording(forgot to include patch in alpha#2)
Hardware Acceleration
SD Card
Video Decoding


Garbled Voice at speaker when internal memory is low

How to Flash

Before installing custom ROMs for the first time make sure to follow the following instructions carefully.Not following the instructions may result in Bricking of your Device and we won’t be held responsible for this.
Following below given instructions to root your device, as these are tested and worked on by our Team.

Pre-Installation Instructions

  • Back up your Data and Applications
  • Enable USB Debugging Mode
  • Charge battery to at least more than 80% (In case of power loss you may end up bricking your device)

Root HTC Explorer

If you are installing custom ROM for the first time, you have to root it first.

  1. Take Nandroid Backup (Link:
  2. Connect your Phone to the Computer via your USB Cable.
  3. Unlock bootloader (Link:  (follow instructions on HTC’s official site for your device).
  4. Download and extract A310E Recovery File. (Link:
  5. Open the extracted folder and the recovery bat file.
  6. Download Super User file and copy it to sdcard. (Link:
  7. Disconnect mobile, turn it off and reboot into recovery mode.
  8. Press Power Button + Volume Up button + Ok Button simultaneously.
  9. Choose Install from zip in the recovery menu and select Super User file.
  10. After installing Super User file, select Go Back and Reboot System Now.

Congratulations!! Your Device is routed now.

Flash ROM

  1. Download ROM (Link:
  2. Copy downloaded ROM to sd card.
  3. Download Google apps G-apps. (Link:
  4. Copy downloaded G-apps to sd card.
  5. Reboot into recovery mode.
  6. Choose Install from zip in the recovery menu and select (Link:
  7. When installation finishes, choose Install from zip again and select G-apps.
  8. After installation, select Go Back and Reboot System Now.
  9. It will take some time to boot for the first time, so be patient.
  10. CM 10 is now installed. Enjoy!
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