Huawei to unveil world’s first foldable phone in November, report

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April 13, 2018
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Huawei’s foldable phone may arrive sooner than Samsung’s? No, I’m not saying this, but some folks of a Korean News outlet do believe. Huawei is reportedly planning to unveil its and “world’s first foldable phone” in November this year, as reported by ETNews.

The Korean news report claims that the upcoming foldable phone of Huawei will support an “inward” folding design, while Samsung is working on a “fold-back” form factor. Samsung’s foldable phone is all over media since past couple of years and numerous patents have been filed by the company, but so far no roadmap for the launch of a real-world foldable phone has been cited.

As far as specs and software of the handset are concerned you have to wait for at least two more months. It will be smaller to carry around when not in use, as far as rumor goes. Just to be on the safe side, Huawei might announce a working prototype or engineering sample, and gauge consumer acceptance before it gets into mass production.

Technically we’ve already seen a modern folding phone, but not one that folds in on itself. In late 2017 ZTE released the Axon M, which has two screens and opens like a book to create the illusion of one extra-large screen. But the key distinction between the Axon M and the Huawei and Samsung concepts lie in the phone’s folding screen.

For Huawei, a foldable phone win represents more than just a fresh frontier in a static industry. It represents the opportunity to beat out the world’s top players, even without the support of the all-important US market.

Featured Image: Huawei Mate RS

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