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India to deploy Israeli technology along the Line of Control

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The Indian defense ministry is set to deploy advanced military technology along the Pakistani borderline. Hundreds of millions worth of shekels would be bought along with other high-tech gadgetry with advanced Israeli defense technology from Israel.

Indian Home Affairs Minister Shri Rajnath Singh recently paid a visit to Israel for the said matter. He was interested in specialized gadgetry for locating underground tunnels. He was shown radar systems, censors, and UAVs, observation systems for the identification of underground traffic. Indian minister also saw these technologies in effect along the Israel-Gaza border.

Within a span of few months, Israeli experts shall visit India for the deployment of said gadgetry and training of Indian personnel.

This kind of moves were being expected of India after a tunnel was discovered along the Indo-Pak border, about three months ago. Owing to her inability, India defense ministry immediately asked for funds to deploy advanced Military technologies. A deal was immediately sought with Israel for weapons and defense technology worth hundreds of millions of shekels.

Since the last year, the bilateral ties between Israel and India have improved a lot. A number of agreements were signed between the two entities, forging their mutual relationship. Many existing contracts exist between the two countries including a robust student exchange. Next year, India will celebrate the 25th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel which will be followed by an exchange of several high-level visits.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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