India forced to upgrade mobile phone security due to Pakistani hackers

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The Indian government is working on developing their own technology which will ensure that the smartphone devices of their high-ranking officials are not intercepted by third parties. The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing in Hyderabad has been developing the high-end technology which is expected to be completed soon.

India does not have a secure system in place to protect mobile communication. As a result, sensitive information, in the past, has been leaked from the smartphones of their officials.

In 2015, Pakistani hackers caused quite a stir in India when the Indian Infosec Consortium reported there were mobile apps present on the Internet which were actually malware and viruses. The finger was pointed to Pakistani hackers and the private consortium also alleged that they had been carrying on these activities for three years at that point. Several Indian Army personnel had downloaded these apps and as a result compromised sensitive information. However, claims from the Indian Infosec Consortium were refuted by the Director General of Computer Emergency Response Team, India.

Despite this news continues to circle on Indian media regarding the security scandal caused by mobile apps which were allegedly comprised by Pakistani hackers.

While we can never know for sure who was behind the attack, Pakistan and India have done bitter cyber attacks on each other in the past. Most recently, Indian hackers defaced the Pakistan government website. While in the past, Pakistani hackers gained access to Indian planes where they started playing Pakistani patriotic songs.

One thing is for certain, India is putting up a fight to brave these cyber attacks.

Source – Economic Times

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