Cyber Attack

United States sanctions six Russian companies for aiding Russia’s cyber-attacks against the US

The Biden administration issued sanctions against six Russian technology companies for helping Russia carry out malicious cyber activities, including...

Apr 21 ·>

Microsoft’s crises continue: Cyber-Attacks happening faster than can be counted

Thousands of cyberattacks continue to target zero-day security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange Servers as cybercriminals attempt to target organizations...

Mar 24 ·>

Tesla and Cloudfare’s security camera feeds get hacked in a major breach

Verkada – a Silicon Valley-based startup providing cloud-based security camera services, has undergone a major security breach, with hackers...

Mar 10 ·>

Chinese group, APT10 comprising of world’s elite hackers, carries out cyberattacks against Indian vaccine manufacturers

According to a security firm, a Chinese hacking group has attacked two Indian vaccine manufacturers. Cyfirma, which is based...

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Mar 2 ·>

Major software company SolarWinds got hacked because an intern used “solarwinds123” as a password

The government is still investigating the SolarWinds hack that was also termed the digital version of the famous Pearl...

Mar 1 ·>

Cyber Crime Control Wing’ for Secure Ehsaas Payments a Priority says Dr. Sania Nishtar

In the 43rd board meeting of Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) at the BISP headquarters under the chair of...

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Nov 12 ·>
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Google’s Authenticator App hit a major vulnerability

According to recent research, the authenticator app by Google for Android is susceptible to major malware known as Cerberus....

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May 18 ·>

US govt website attacked by a group of Iranian hackers

In a move that can only be considered as a continuation of the on-going tension between the USA and...

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Jan 6 ·>

Top 3 free courses in Digital Forensics

We have covered top 3 free cybersecurity courses earlier and now we will move on to another sub-field of...

Nov 14 ·>

Pakistani human rights activists being targeted by digital attacks, Amnesty

In an ongoing series of digital attacks, attackers are using different digital mediums to ensnare human right activists in...

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May 18 ·>

Foreign hackers are planning cyber attack in Pakistan ahead of elections

All the prominent websites of Pakistan such as those of Government and media groups are under major threat of...

Apr 27 ·>

Digital Rights Foundation raises questions on Careem’s security breach

Careem recently revealed they suffered a massive security breach in January that compromised data of riders and captains. The...

Apr 25 ·>