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Instagram is privately testing live streaming videos

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According to reports by TJournal, a Russian publication, Instagram is currently in the process of privately testing live streaming videos. The features seem to be in experimental phase so it might be some time before it makes its way into the hands of users.

Live video streaming seems to be all the rage these days. With both Facebook and YouTube embracing this functionality whole-heartedly, it seemed only a matter of time when Instagram, owned by Facebook, would take the same path. A Russian blog, TJournal, has gotten hands on a beta version of app with live streaming integrated into stories feature of Instagram.

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The option to go live is labeled as “Go Insta!” and is available while opening the camera through Instagram app.

It seems that Facebook’s feature to schedule streams is also available in Instagram’s version of live videos. Live streaming videos appear alongside other stories with a live label on them.

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TJournal reports that this feature was discovered by one of their readers while playing around with the beta version of the application.

Instagram is yet to make a comment on this leak and seem reluctant to spill any further beans on this feature. We will update you when official word is released on availability of this feature.

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