Instagram now lets you save a post privately

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Instagram now lets you save a post you want to revisit later.

A ‘bookmark’ icon now appears below every post on the right corner. Simply, tap that icon and that post will be saved in a private tab on your profile for later viewing. Users do not need to worry about the fact that this might send a notification to the people whose posts they are saving. The saved posts will be visible to you only, without notifying others. The blog reads,

“When you stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation, you can now keep track of favorite posts right from your profile.”


This feature saves you the headache of taking a screenshot every time you see a post worth remembering later like features of a product, design of dresses etc.

A new way of marketing

Right after the feature was introduced a couple of days ago, the auto brand Audi engaged Instagrammers in a fun puzzle,audi

“Solve the puzzle to achieve internet glory for the day. There are 9 pieces on our page. Bookmark them in the correct order, then go into the ‘bookmarks’ tab on your profile to see if you nailed it. DM us a screenshot of the completed puzzle.”

The feature was introduced under “Instagram for Business” tab, which means it will be used for ‘ad targeting’ also. Users are mostly like to save posts like a fashion or beauty product they’d like to buy later, or deals companies offer etc. The new bookmark feature has opened up new ways for businesses to market in fun, attractive and memorable ways in order to engage more customers.

Facebook-owned social networking and photo-sharing application, Instagram has been incorporating many features recently like insta stories, live videos, ephemeral videos, turning off comments, removing followers, etc. And just yesterday, Instagram announced that it has reached 600 million followers, out of which 100 million followed it in a period of just six months.

The feature is available for all the Android and iOS users who have Instagram 10.2 version.

Written by Maheen Kanwal
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