Instagram sends notification for screenshots of Stories, not Pictures

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November 25, 2016
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Instagram sends you a notification if someone takes screenshot of your Story, which you send to your friends through Direct Message. This story disappears right after your friend has watched it, just like Snapchat functionality.

A tweet has been going viral today and thousands of people are freaking out. Why? Because it claims that Instagram sends a notification for taking screenshot of picture of a user. A lot of stalkers have lost their sleep after this tweet has gone viral. But the truth is, Instagram only notifies if screenshot of a story is taken. The same functionality doesn’t work for pictures.

Instagram, popular photo sharing platform, doesn’t give its users the ability to download the images shared. Hence, many users rely on screenshot technique to save pictures of other instagram users.


Instagram launched its version of live video earlier this week. The videos are ephemeral, which mean they last as long as user is streaming and then vanish.

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