Intel 7th Generation ‘Kaby Lake’ processors for desktops are out

By Muneeb Ahmad on
January 4, 2017
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During the ongoing CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the technology giant, Intel, has introduced new 7th Generation Intel Core family of Kaby Lake processors for desktop PCs and high performance laptops.

The two newly launched series cater to the desktop PCs and high performance laptops. The ‘H-series’ focuses on powering high performance laptops and mobile workstations while the S-series will target the desktop PCs. There also exist a Y-series processors for the thin ultraportables and a U-series for faster ultraportables. These CPUs run on the new 200-series chipsets.

Intel has claimed that the S-series i7-7700K CPU is about 25% faster than i7-4770K and that it will be able to process 4K 360-degree videos about 35% faster than the fourth generation i7-4770K. Likewise, the H-series processor will outperform fourth generation i7-4700HQ by about 20% in general, and will process the 4K 360-degree videos 65% faster than the fourth generation i7-4700HQ .

Intel had introduced the 7th Generation Kaby Lake processors a few months back. Although being only an improvement to its predecessor, the SkyLake series, this series was being looked forward to, mainly because of its better graphic compatibilities. Intel had added hardware encoding and decoding capabilities for both 10 bit HEVC 4K video and 8-10 bit VP9 video in the said series.

Intel will offer a highest-end, a four core, S-series CPU, i7-7700K, with a base clock speed of 4.2GHz priced at $339. It will have the Intel HD 630 graphics. Intel will also offer an unlocked dual-core Core i3 model, 7350K, with four threads running at 4.2GHz, priced at $168.

Source — Intel, Image— MyGaming

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