Intel unveils a new line of Core X processors including Core i9 Extreme, an 18-core monster

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Intel has unveiled new variety of Intel Core X processors including more powerful Core i5 and i7 CPUs along with a whole new range of beastly Core i9 chips.

The announcements were made as part of the this year’s largest computing show, Computex 2017, which is currently happening in Taipei, Taiwan. It is the first day of the event and Intel has already displayed the World’s very first 18-core processors for consumers. The CPU named, Intel Core i9, would be able to simultaneously handle as much as 36 processing threads with the help of its 18 cores.

The first variant of the Core i9 series processors has been announced to be a 10 core, Intel Core i9-7900X. The processor boosts the updated Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 and will have the processing frequency of 4.5GHz. The processor will come with 13.75 MB of accompanying level L3 cache and will be able to interface 4 DDR4-2666 RAMs simultaneously. After shipping the 10 core version of Core i9, Intel will put the 12-core Core i9 7920X, 14-core Core i9 7940X, 16-core Core i9 7960X and 18-core Core i9 7980XE processors on sale.

Alongside the Core i9 chips, Intel has also announced a few other 8th generation processors including Core i7 and Core i5. Termed Core X, these processors boast 30% of performance improvement over its predecessor series, Kaby Lake.

As far as the pricing of the Core X processors is concerned, the Core X family would start with Core i5-7640X processor that would cost $242. The Core i7 X-Series processors would start at a $339 for a 4-core processor while the Core i9 models would be priced at $999 for a 10-core processor up to $2000 for the 18-core version.

Computex is a global event which is revered by the geeks and computer enthusiasts from around the globe. During the last year’s event, Intel announced the World’s first ever 10 core processor that it put on sale for the customers. So far, Computex 2017 has also been able to bring forth some very exciting products.

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