International firms eager to invest in Pakistan: President Arif Alvi

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  54 sec read >

President Arif Alvi has recently stressed on the importance of producing skilled human resources in the country so that they can meet the needs of the increasingly keen investors, including those from foreign entities. 

While addressing a conference entitled “Opportunities to Excel – Now and Future” in Hayatabad on Thursday, the President remarked that the promotion of technical, information technology, and virtual online education is vital for sustainable economic growth. 

He noted that the nation should take full advantage of the abundant employment opportunities available in both domestic and foreign markets. 

At present, the international, regional and local markets demand speedy progress in the fields of IT, science and technology as well as contemporary virtual online education,” he said. 

He talked about the importance of developing the nation’s human resources and equipping the youth with the requisite skills to meet the needs of the investors who were eager to invest in the country. 

President Alvi emphasized that Pakistan had the potential to accomplish all of its economic goals by adopting an innovative approach and broadening its vision. 

He also called for identifying global and regional market trends and making investments accordingly. 

In this regard, the President touched upon cyber security and termed it a “new challenge” that can be dealt with by imparting the right technical education to the youth. 

Information technology has changed global dynamics and the most appropriate choice for us is to prepare a generation that is well equipped with the knowledge of artificial intelligence and cyber security,” he stated. 

Written by Hamza Zakir
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