iOS 11 hits 50% adoption in less than 2 months

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  1 min read >
iOS 11

It’s been around 2 months since the launch of iOS 11. Although the new operating system has a lot of bugs but it still took it less than 2 months to reach 50% devices, according to official data from Apple.

Compared to the iOS 11, iOS 10 took a month to reach 50% devices and iOS 9 took just a week to reach that milestone. Which shows that iOS 11’s adoption is slowest among three. The reason behind that could be the software problems iOS 11 is causing. Some users reported severe issues with iOS 11 like the screen stops responding in some cases, the phone starts to lag (yes, the bugs are so severe that even iOS is lagging ), and there are some serious issues with battery life as well where the batteries suddenly drop by several percentages.

Apple updates the iOS market share page every month to help developers to decide that what features they can target to how much audience. But Apple did not update that page in October that’s probably Apple did not want you to know that how slow the iOS 11 adoption was as compared to the previous adoptions. When the iOS 9 took just a week to reach 50% devices, Apple bragged about it a lot and said that it was the “fastest iOS adoption ever.” So all we know that Apple will not be bragging about iOS 11 now.


As you can see above, iOS 11 is now installed on 52% devices which leaves iOS 10 on just 38% devices. All older versions of iOS are still installed on 10% devices and those are the devices older than iPhone 5S as iOS is available for iPhone 5S and newer devices.

Although the growth has been slower this time but iOS is still far ahead of Android which literally takes over a year to overtake the previous version. There is no doubt that Apple is the best smartphone company when it comes to supporting their devices and other manufacturers should learn from it.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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