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iPhone 11 leaks show off an impressive camera module

Avatar Written by Hamza Zakir · 1 min read>

When it comes to signature features that make the device standout from the crowd, the iPhone admittedly ends up doing a good job, be it the iconic home button in the very first iPhone or the partial bezel at the top of the iPhone X. With the upcoming iPhone 11, there is good reason to believe that the signature feature this time around will be the camera module, thanks to a new set of leaks.

While we have already had a good look at the iPhone 11 and 11 Max courtesy of leaks in the past, this recent set of images posted on SlashLeaks give us our first clear idea of what the camera module at the back of the devices is going to look like.

It appears that the upcoming iPhones are going to look a lot like their predecessors in terms of screen design and aesthetics, with visible notches for facial recognition and minimalistic bezels. The one thing that does seem different, and therefore exciting, is that camera module design on the back.

The camera bump appears to be larger than before, and that is not surprising because there are extra lenses to accommodate after all. Interwtsingly enough, this looks immensely like the camera module hosted by the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, except for Apple decided to position it at the top left corner, possibly for internal space reasons.

A triple-camera setup may not appeal to some Apple fans, especially considering that we still have no idea as to what purpose that extra lens is going to serve. But it is worth noting that this is hardly the first time a particular feature of an Apple device has confused consumers initially, only to be greeted with rave reviews shortly thereafter.

In all likelihood, we are not only going to get used to this design, but there will be something about this signature feature that will leave us at a loss for words; it’s what Apple does best, after all.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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