Apple starts investigation on possible battery failure in iPhone 8 Plus

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Apple has started investigating cases of possible iPhone 8 Plus battery failures after at least two iPhone 8 Plus smartphones split-open.

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Over the past couple of days, several new reports are bringing forward cases of two iPhone 8 Plus handsets which split open because of some battery issues. The smartphones seemed to have split from their sides, leaving the displays broken. One of the smartphone owners say that the said handsets burst open after their batteries swelled while charging while the second user says that he received the smartphone in the same condition.

The pictures of split iPhone 8 Plus have already been circulating on social media.

The newly bought smartphones which split, have been returned to Apple. The first case was reported by a Taiwanese woman while the second case comes from a Japanese individual who reported a similar issue. Apple acknowledged the occurrence of these events. While making a statement to MacRumors, it said that the investigations have been initiated in this regard.

It would be worth mentioning here that although most possibly a battery issue, the cases here aren’t actual ‘explosions’ like we noticed with the Note 7. Some problems caused the smartphone’s battery to swell which in turn, split the smartphones. The Lithium-ion batteries have an inherent immediate failure ratio of one in a million, so we aren’t sure if these cases have occurred due to that.

In order to see if this indeed is a widespread issue, we will certainly have to wait as Apple concludes its investigations. Currently, Apple is weighing the extent and problem of the battery failures as well as the credibility and authenticity of the profiles reporting it.

News —Via The Independent

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