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Today is definitely an iPhone’s day with Apple pulling the wraps off three new smartphones alongside a watch, which “can detect Trump tweeting” (didn’t see that coming). Among the unloaded smartphones, there exists a standard version iPhone 8 smartphone, an up-sized special iPhone 8 Plus. And then there is this, the Apple’s 10th anniversary special iPhone X. Follow along as we take you through this ultra special iPhone X.

Today, Apple finally took the podium in the newly constructed Steve Jobs Theatre at the company’s space-ship like headquarters. For months, the mysterious iPhone “X” kept intriguing the smartphone enthusiasts and critics for the Cupertino-based tech giant had promised to make it very “special” as the iPhones celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Lo and behold as we present to you the newly introduced iPhone X, 5 things you definitely need to know about it (we will cover everything, don’t you worry).

1. Unique design point: All Screen, bezel-less display

The biggest change visible upfront is definitely the design of this smartphone. Apple has finally let go of the famous circular home button paving way for an even spectacular, an all-screen edge-to-edge display (although there is a hairline space on the top, featuring important sensors like cameras and call speakers). Apple opted to follow suit after all the major smartphone manufacturers turned their flagships approximately bezel-less. Glass to the back and to the front, comes round on a ‘surgical-grade steel’ frame.

2. The Display

Apple charged Samsung with the task to develop OLED displays for this smartphone. The smartphone features a Super Retina display spanning over 5.8 inches. It has the Dolby Vision and HDR Display. As the smartphone does not have a home button, the users will have to swipe up from the bottom and they will get to the homescreen. If, while swiping the users hang on a bit, they will straight away land into the multi-tasking mode on their smartphone. With a pixel density of 458 ppi, the smartphone boasts a contrast ratio of 1 million to 1.

3. Upgraded camera, made smart

The camera section has also come with a whole lot of new upgrades. The front camera of the smartphone features facial recognition, or to be more accurate the Face ID. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence, and the company claims that it is even better than the Touch ID. You will be able to use Face ID to authenticate applications like Apple Pay too.

In low-lighting conditions the smartphone will throw extra light on your face, so it will still work – the company says. On the back, there is a 12 MP dual lens setup which comes with features like Dual Optical Image Stabilization.

4. A 6-core processor powers the smartphone

The company also threw a light on the company’s internals. The smartphone would be powered by a 6-core processor. There are two normal cores, boosted by four high performance cores. The company says that this year, it itself designed a GPU for the iPhone which will lead to better optimizations within the smartphone. The 6 Gigs of the RAM will cover the memory needs of the smartphone. It is water and dust resistant and comes with LTE Advanced enabled.

5. Beware of the high price

It was being said that the iPhone X would be costing north of $1,000 but it seems that the company has tried to lessen that a bit (has it, really?). The smartphone has a base price tag of $999. The smartphone would be available in two finishes, Silver and Space Gray while the storage options available would either be 64 GB or 256 GB. The users will be able to order the smartphone after 27th of the October, while the smartphone would be dispatched in the markets on the November 3rd.

6: The Bonus Point

Well, the smartphone is not to be called as an iPhone ‘Ex’. It, instead, is an iPhone X (pronounced 10)


To conclude, I would have to say that the iPhone X seemed good, looking at the leaks before it was launched and it really is that good. Apple has tried to make the phone as feature-rich as it could, which has ballooned the cost. I will not cater this smartphone in the normal high-end smartphone category that we previously had been seeing. This smartphone along with the recently released Note 8 have set the precedent of an all-new luxury cadre. Although, the smartphone’s comparisons with other flagships from this year will follow once critics get hold of the smartphone in actual. As for now, the smartphone seems to have accomplished what it aimed to.

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