iPhones 12’s new ceramic OLED display costs a whopping $279 to replace

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram ·  46 sec read >

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone 12 around a week ago. Apple is now announcing more technical details as it starts shipping the first batches of the iPhone. They have listed the prices that will be charged for various repairs.

The biggest issue with the iPhone is usually the display which costs hundreds of dollars to repair and it goes up each year. This time it seems that Apple has kept the price set at $279 again. In comparison, the iPhone 11 Pro has the same repair price, with $329 being charged for iPhone 11 Pro Max.




Since the same ceramic OLED display is being used in all iPhone 12 variants, it may be a slight increase for iPhone 12 users as the iPhone 11 (base model) had a repair price of $199 which is $80. Nonetheless, Apple has kept the same price despite offering a ceramic OLED display which should cost way more than the previous LCD.

The repair price for iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini are yet to be announced. The price for other repairs is listed as $549 for the iPhone 12 Pro which is the same as iPhone 11 Pro. However, the price for iPhone 12 repairs is $449 which is $50 more than the iPhone 11.

If you have AppleCare+ insurance then the screen repairs will only cost you $29 whereas other repairs will cost you $99.

Image Source: CNet