Jazz is now offering a ‘Golden Number Auction’ to its customers

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Jazz – Pakistan’s telecom service provider, has brought up a unique initiative ‘Jazz Golden Number Auction’ through which the customers can get a premium number of their own.

Just like any other auction, the interested Jazz users would have to bid for the available golden numbers and the one with the highest bid on a number will eventually be the winner.

For the bidding on the desired numbers, users will need to register to They have the options to add their e-mail, name, CNIC and mobile number in their account. Importantly, the customers would need to define the payment methods for which the JazzCash services would be availed.

Speaking of payments, after registration the users would need to activate their accounts by paying Rs.1000/- online via JazzCash or Visa cards. Without activation, you certainly won’t be able to bid.


Once activated, the customers will be allowed to bid on any number of golden numbers being offered. As the official site states, there is no restriction on the number of bids a person can place on a particular number. However, each bid has to be the multiple of 5K and the lowest bid that can be placed is Rs.5000/-.

Users can check the auction status daily. Nonetheless, if any other customer outbids your price, you will be notified via email about that. Then you may want to bid again on that number – which is allowed as well.

For the winning customers, they will receive a confirmation call from Jazz team within 24 hours’ time period. As reportedly, along with the ‘Golden Number’ SIM card, they will also be given a unique surprise Jazz gift box.

You can get more details on how to bid, here.

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Written by Talha Saqib
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