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Kia Scene Hai collaborates with Johnny Rockets for Fifa World Cup

Fariha Muazzam Written by Fariha Muazzam · 44 sec read>

Kia Scene’s team collaborated with Johnny Rockets to host live screening of the Football World Cup’s match of BRAZIL vs CHILE on June 28, 2014.

It was a different kind of approach on their team’s part, towards expanding the event’s industry which they say is their motto.They have been known for keeping a tab on latest happenings around different cities of Pakistan, and serve as an event’s directory for the users.They also offer online booking and cash on delivery services for tickets. As they have build sufficient user base to bring in the audience for events, their team helped the organizers of this event in selling the tickets and publicizing the event.

This collaboration was a risky step on their part, but failed to disappoint them. It was houseful and all enjoyed good food and of course the match.Now people are in talks with other restaurants to hold such events and other large scale events, where they would help with ticketing and publicity mainly.

This only shows the great potential of e-ticketing in Pakistan.Where many new players like BookMe.Pk have come around to offer online booking services,it would not be long before we have a sprawling market for e-ticketing startups.

Written by Fariha Muazzam
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