KP Govt will soon digitize its hospital systems

By Muneeb Ahmad on
January 7, 2019
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The KP government has formed an IT committee to digitize the network of hospital systems in the province.

The Provincial Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has started working on developing an e-management platform for its network of hospital systems. All of the hospitals and the diagnostic centers within the provincial boundaries would be brought into the net of this digital transformation.

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The digital transformation will mainly be focusing on maintaining an entire database for all of its patients. A form would be distributed among the patients so that they are able to add their personal information along with the other necessary health details. Once linked to the cloud, the health data would be made readily available to the authorized doctors and staff enabling them to take more informed decisions. Likewise, the data of medical equipment and available medicines would also be maintained.

The announcement came as part of a health department meeting. Chaired by the health minister KP Dr. Hisham Inamullah Khan, the meeting included key professionals from the health department and was attended by the Health Adviser Dr. Jawad Wasif and various important district health officers.

In order to kick-off the work on this project, the authorities from provincial health ministry have set up a dedicated Information Technology department which would be overseeing this project and making sure that the project sees to its completion. As of now, there have been no details as to when the transformation would be completed.

News Via ETribune

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