Lahore student develops smart cap to help visually impaired people move without stick

Written by Hamza Zakir ·  55 sec read >

In an incredibly impressive achievement, a student in Lahore has developed a unique cap for visually impaired people which would enable them to move freely without using their stick.

As reported by ARY News, Muhammad Ahmed, whose device could make it easy for blind people to walk freely, developed it while preparing his final year assignment.

Sharing the working of his cap, he said that it uses two sensors, that detect anything coming in the way of some 2.5 meters, alerting the blind people of the hurdle through vibrations.

He shared that there are separate sets of vibrations designed in the cap in order to alert the visually impaired people regarding the direction of the hurdle.

If there is a hurdle on the right side, the vibration of this side will go on; in case of the left side, the left vibrator will act while in case of a hurdle on the front side, both the vibrators will act simultaneously,” Ahmed said.

The student said that a sound mode was also developed in the device in order to alert the visually impaired man in a rush place, where vibration sensors could not perform in a better manner.

He said that the sensors used in the cap were basically used as the car parking sensors.

I wanted to distribute it among the people suffering from vision loss free of cost and need help from the government in this regard,” he said, adding that he was working on the project for the past year and it needs some more improvement.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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