Latest Leaks From Upcoming iPhone 14 Series

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Iphone 14

For the past month, the internet has been flooded with iPhone 14 leaks, and rightly so as the new Apple device is expected to have huge improvements and the overall excitement about the phone is overwhelming. As the previous iPhone 13 was a huge success, Apple went out to try new things like pill-hole for better selfie cameras and better colors that can attract more users. In fact, the closer we get to the launching date, the more and more features are being revealed by Apple and it’s getting better and better.

Here are some of the new leaks that you might have heard about yet.

New Purple Color

“Inspired” by Samsung’s flagship phone Z fold 4, Apple has also decided to launch their flagship device in purple color. Purple seems to be the go-to color of the year as most mobile companies are launching their devices in some shade of purple. Samsung launched their Z Fold 4 in the “Bora Purple” shade. iPhone 14’s purple shade will be “Periwinkle Purple”, which was also the Pantone Color of the year.

Iphone 14

Always-on Display

Always-on display is a feature that has been adopted by android phones a long time ago but Apple didn’t opt for it. But the upcoming iPhone will have the always-on display feature that allows the phone to show time and major notifications even when the device is locked. Usually, a darker mode for this feature is operated for saving battery. But this mode might not prove to be as successful on iPhone because of the lower battery life but still, it’s a cool feature to have.

Iphone 14

Astrophotography Camera Mode

First seen in Google Pixel 4, astrophotography is a camera mode that allows you to take beautiful and real-time pictures of the sky and stars with the utmost clarity possible. Other brands like Xiaomi have already implemented this feature in their flagship phones and Apple might be the next one. Although it is not yet confirmed, the Space Apple poster published for the 7 September release suggests that iPhone 14 will have an astrophotography mode. This feature was expected to be released on iPhone 13 by many experts but unfortunately, it was not the case.

Iphone 14

Satellite Connectivity

It’s another one of the modern and latest features that the iPhone 14 is most likely to have. Satellite Connectivity allows the user to message someone in areas where there is no cellular data available. This is a new concept and only a few people are working on it but Apple is a potential candidate to launch it soon and it might be available in the new iPhone.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk Is Also Working on This Concept. Read more:

Elon Musk Is Planning To Connect Wireless Carrier T-Mobile With His Starlink Satellite To Improve Cell Coverage And Connectivity.

In some of his tweets, Tim Farrar, a satellite communications consultant at California-based research firm Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, has repeatedly suggested that Apple is likely to partner with Globalstar for the upcoming satellite connectivity on the iPhone.

We are not sure how many of these leaks are going to be true but the one thing that is for sure is iPhone 14 is going to be a banger. It has already grabbed the attention of many via its leaks and released features and Apple fans can’t wait for the device to be released.

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