Iphone 14

iPhone 14 Series is Now Available in a New Yellow Color

The new yellow color will be an addition to the current five colors, which are the midnight, starlight, red...

Mar 8 · >

iPhone Shipments Might Face Problems Amidst COVID Disruption in China; Says Apple

Production issues in China will directly affect Apple share prices, predictions are that revenue growth will fall by 8%...

Nov 7 · >

Apple Is Cutting On iPhone 14 Production Due to Lesser Demand.

Apple is stopping the production of the iPhone 14 Plus partially and is increasing the manufacturing of the more...

Oct 26 · >

Apple Forced to Make iPhones With a USB Type-C Port

Apple continues to face difficulties over new regulations that will force the company to manufacture iPhone models and other...

Oct 24 · >

Apple iPhone Crash Detection Auto-Calling 911 on Roller Coasters

Isn’t that exciting for iPhone users to save themselves from accidents? .But wait, it may cause trouble for you...

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Oct 12 · >

Indian Apple iPhone Exports Exceed $1 Billion In 5 Months

Bloomberg News reported that Apple Inc’s iPhone exports from India exceeded $1 billion in five months since April. Since...

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Oct 5 · >

Are There Any Major Differences Between iPhone 14 & iPhone 13?

Last month, Apple launched its new flagship device iPhone 14, and like all releases, Apple claimed that they have...

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Oct 3 · >

Apple Is Now Producing iPhone 14 In India While There Is Not A Single Official Apple Store In Pakistan

Apple has decided that from now on, they will start the production of the brand-new iPhone 14 in India....

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Sep 26 · >

Apple Confirms That There Will Be More Upcoming Problems For iPhone 14 Buyers

Undoubtedly, it is not an appropriate time to purchase any iPhone 14 model. Buying any iPhone 14 at this...

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Sep 26 · >

Why You Should Not Buy iPhone 14? Better Alternatives!

iPhone 14 is here and it has gained the attention of everyone’s eye, just like every model Apple has...

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Sep 26 · >

Major Defects Already Shown In iPhone 14; Apple Admits Many Mistake

Apple has probably sold millions of iPhone 14 units in less than two weeks, but the launch hasn’t been...

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Sep 19 · >

iOS 16 releases today with five new features and security updates

Apple’s long-awaited iOS 16 updates for iPhones arrives today, bringing with it new security and privacy features aimed at...

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Sep 13 · >