Leaked iPhone XC prototype shows off dual SIM option and different color options

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Ahead of the leak that confirmed the presence of a Max version of iPhone XS, a new picture shared by Ben Geskin on Twitter shows what appears to the prototype models of iPhone XC in different colors and a dual SIM option.

The image posted by Ben shows that the 6.1 inch iPhone XC will be available in four color options: red, rose gold, white and space grey. Previous reports by 9to5Mac have claimed that the iPhone XC will be gold, grey, white, blue, red, and orange colors, but the leak only shows four color options at the time. It is possible that these color options will be made available by Apple at a later time.

The images also show a dual SIM slot in iPhone XC, which gives weight to the claims that Apple is finally ready to offer that option to its users.

The images also show that the cheaper iPhone model will sport aluminum edges, instead of stainless steel edges found in higher-end models. This could certainly help shave a few dollars off the final price at the expense of durability and premium feel.

It is still uncertain if the leaks will actually manifest in the form of a final product as, according to Ben, these are pictures of prototypes used by Apple, which could be very different from the final offering by the Cupertino giant. In any case, the keynote is only a couple of days away and it will surely put an end to all the questions arising in the minds of Apple enthusiasts.

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