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Major Social Media Platform TikTok Willing to Open Offices in Pakistan

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  53 sec read >
TikTok to open offices in Pakistan
Federal IT Minister revealed the news saying that TikTok is willing to open offices in Islamabad while another major social media company is also planning to open offices in the country

Speaking at an event in Islamabad, the Federal Minister for IT Syed Amin ul Haque said that famous short form video platform TikTok is willing to open offices in Islamabad after having discussions with the IT ministry.

He also revealed that alongside TikTok another major social media platform is planning to open their offices in the country.

The IT minister also said that the government wants more and more social media companies to open offices in the country and TikTok might become the first one as the negotiations between the government and TikTok executives were effective. He also added that we might soon see a TikTok headquarters in Islamabad.

Unlike many other major social media sites, TikTok is on the good side of the Pakistan government since it has not resisted governmental control over the type of content shown in Pakistan. However, the other platform that’s planning to step into the country has done so.

TikTok currently has 18.26 million users in Pakistan and has spread into the country like wildfire. The app has targeted all income groups and has been a great driving force in the internet revolution of Pakistan.

With TikTok now opening an office in Pakistan, the popularity is only bound to increase.


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