Amin ul Haque

Pakistan’s 5G Launch Gets Delayed Once Again

Federal IT Minister states that before finally launching 5G internet services, authorities want the country to achieve a 60...

Jun 21 · >

Saudi Telecom Company TAWAL Officially Kicks Off Operations in Pakistan

Pakistan’s IT and Telecom Minister said that he hopes “TAWAL would play an active role in providing avenues for...

Feb 15 · >

IT Minister Warns About Service Disruptions as Importing Difficulties Continue

IT & Telecom Minister Syed Amin-ul-Haque stated that the letters of credit (LCs) limits for the telecom sector are...

Jan 19 · >

Major Social Media Platform TikTok Willing to Open Offices in Pakistan

Federal IT Minister revealed the news saying that TikTok is willing to open offices in Islamabad while another major...

Nov 24 · >

IT Minister Launches Interest Free Installments to Buy Smartphones in Pakistan

Launched just today in Islamabad, the initiative has a goal to provide “smartphones for all” The Federal Minister of...

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Nov 23 · >

IT Minister Amin-ul-Haque Claims That Pakistan Will Launch 5G Technology by July 2023

The IT Minister broke the news at the UBIT Career Fest 2022, organized at the UBIT Garden, the event...

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Nov 11 · >