Man’s Ad For A Bike Instructor With Strange Demands:Goes Viral

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Social media platform has become a vast place where anyone can come and post their queries or any other related issue.  These days it has become a common practice for people to post job openings on different social media platforms. Social media platforms including LinkedIn ,Twitter has given companies an opportunity to come and find the right candidate.

On the other hand, it allows companies to interact with job candidates and give them a better understanding of the business.

Besides, candidates have also become more smart and artistic with their resumes. Candidate always try to make it more attractive and appealing for the employer.

On other hand, it’s a fact that posting jobs on newspaper have become obsolete. Here we are bringing of one person who posted a job on newspaper and it gathered a lot of attention. Here you can see what the ad said and how internet reacted to it.

On page 10 of a newspaper, a man announced a job vacancy for a bike instructor. He added that the person ‘must be courteous and not a Gemini’.

“MY name is Pravinbhai Sudani, and I need to learn how to ride a bike. He must be considerate, since I would have asked my father to teach me of I wanted to be embarrassed. He shouldn’t have a Gemini’ sign because they are careless. If he likes anime, we can also talk about Naruto. It’s a Jawa Bobber, my bike. I earned it by playing bidblast on the CRED store, so plz don’t demand fake money’, he wrote in the newspaper ad.

Anita, posted the newspaper clipping on Twitter. In her tweet, she wrote the caption “I am still attempting to fulfill Parvinbhai ki expectations”.


People Can’t Stop Laughing At The Strange Demands

After the ad, the post went viral and ever since it has posted it has received 6,000 likes and more than 4 lakh views. Moreover, a man joked, “getting a job at BCCI is more easy than this”.

Besides, one more added that “Geminis are irresponsible”, Parvinbhai iss baat per Tu us Rahega.

“Parvinbhai bilkull us jese Hain, uski b requirement list itni hi badi hai”, another man cracked a joke.

Some other people wrote:

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