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Maverick On-Line Gaming Offers “Earn while you Play” for Pakistani Gamers!

Written by Arslan Ali ·  2 min read >

Computers and gaming goes hand in hand. As long as we can remember our first experience with a computing device, we also share the same memory with the very first game we ever played on that device.

In Pakistan, even before when the computers came into existence we had Nintendo games. Small hand held devices with single to multiple gaming options hard wired into these and each device branded with color and mode of that specific game, to intrigue young generation of that time. These devices are still for sale in toy stores at affordable prices.

Evolving from a small scale, the gaming industry, now has three options to chose from.

One, either you own your own platform such as Xbox or Play Station.

Two, you are into serious term with yourself and have decided to build your own portal, that is to say that you have standalone server for your games, super kind of graphic accelerators and a mother lode of games on board your terabyte hard drives.

Now, the 3rd kind has no age limit. They are the ones who don’t want to take the burden of getting the games from the downloading sites, or buy CDs from the shops, or getting those play decks, and establishing a complete server.

These people simply go gaming on-line.

The most convenient part of on-line gaming is that it is absolutely free most of the time. The games are light on your machines memory and configuration and you can enjoy a whole lot of different genre of games, all on one website.

You must have heard about a lot of these sites, but recently one such website has created a niche for Pakistani on-line gamers.

So people, you can now play Maverick Games on the internet, and they have cooked you a cool recipe for earning while you play the games. That earning is based on the points you get while playing the games, and then selecting what you can get against these points. Nope, no cash! You will get the points, and then simply redeem those points against the goodies they offer.

This is not it by the way. The reward list goes from 1000 points to 2 million points. With earning ranging from simple Sports Water Bottle to motor cars, which means the longer you play, the more you earn, and the more you earn, chances of getting your hands on the bigger prizes multiply.

But how does the portal work?


When you sign up yourself on Maverick game portal you will avail 5 free coins. After this, you need to make a purchase in order to continue playing. A coin on the site costs Rupees 5/- and this can be redeemed by playing any other game anytime. This means that if you keep playing one game and earn points, you can play more games and get more coins. You can also make the purchases via your mobile balances.

It is available on Telenor, and Zong will be coming along soon, including scratch cards available at selected outlets. In addition the support for credit and debit cards shall be added soon.

It is a good initiative of Maverick to offer this to Pakistani on-line users, and we hope to see more such interesting news making waves in the near future as well. Regarding the monetizing efforts, we believe that it will be a new experience for Pakistani users. As the service is tied with just one mobile company and then we have to play the games 5 times to earn points.

But there will be users who will keep their efforts up and earn, but the number will be not so much as expected.

Lets hope some competition is created, and we have a more accessible way of on-line earning streams soon.