Charles Martinet: The Original Voice of Mario Steps Down After 27 Years

Working with Nintendo for over 27 years, voice over actor Charles Martinet first dubbed Mario for Super Mario 64...

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Aug 22 · >

Microsoft Signs Agreement to Keep Call of Duty on PlayStation

Signing a deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation definitely helps Microsoft ease anti-competitive concerns around its acquisition...

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Jul 18 · >

Sony Might Release a $399 PS5 Slim Later This Year

Leaked reports suggest that the PS5 Slim will contain the same hardware as the PS5, but will have a...

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Jul 5 · >

EA Goes Through Internal Shakeup: Splits into EA Sports and EA Games

‘EA Games’ will reportedly change its name to ‘EA entertainment’ whereas ‘EA Sports’ will continue to focus on the...

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Jun 21 · >

Atif Butt beats Arslan Ash and Wins the Takedown 2023 Tekken championship

Belonging to Gunjranwala, Atif Butt bagged the leading national Tekken competition after beating Arsalan Ash, who is the winner...

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May 8 · >

Sega is Acquiring Angry Birds Developer Rovio Entertainment

The acquisition deal set up between Sega and Rovio Entertainment is reported to be around $775 Million Japanese video...

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Apr 18 · >

Nintendo to Stop Making Anymore Mario Games for Smartphones

Despite the success of mobile game titles such as ‘Super Mario Run and the ‘Mario Kart Tour’, Nintendo chief...

Apr 9 · >

Saudi Arabia Says it Will Invest $38 Billion in the Global Gaming Industry

Savvy Gaming Group, a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), will lead the financing and expand...

Apr 4 · >

Man Creates Remarkable 3D Game Using GPT-4

To create a basic Doom style game, the man asked users to simply ask GPT4 to create a game...

Mar 21 · >

Top 10 Metaverse And Web3 Forecasts For 2023

With the emergence of technology, the digital world is becoming more advanced and powerful. The Metaverse and web3 play...

Mar 14 · >

Valve to Release a New CSGO Version to Mark 10 Years

The new version of Counter Strike Global Offensive will reportedly have better graphics and more advanced matchmaking system Valve,...

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Mar 6 · >

Tesla Pi Mobile:Price:Features:Specifications:Launch Date And How To Buy Online?

Tesla is bringing something new to the mobile market. The new gadget has a lot of updating things for...

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Dec 20 · >