Meet the 11 winners from Plan9 Launchpad Lahore

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Plan9, the largest technology incubator of Pakistan, last week organized their 6th launchpad event starting from Lahore. The Lahore launchpad was a three-day event which held in the premises of Arfa Software Technology Park. Plan9’s startups have been making waves from day one, we have seen some exceptional startups coming out of the incubator that have made everyone proud. Here are the 11 finalists shortlisted from Plan9’s Lahore launchpad.

1.Virtual Dressing Room

An intelligent software that will let you try different dresses virtually, which means, you won’t have to go through the hassle of going to the shop and trying every dress one by one. You can virtually wear all the articles and decide which one you want to go for.


Homefoodies will connect women who want to sell home-cooked food with potential buyers. A one stop shop from where you will be able to order home-cooked food of your choice. This is going to be very helpful for hostelites and office employees.


A digital controlling device that will let you command almost everything at your home with just a push of a button. Think how awesome it would be, if you could control your television, AC, lights, fans and other electronic items through a mobile application? Smartdevices is planning to do exactly like that.


Squarrre is a social network for students to connect them with teachers and other organizations. It seems more like an initial version of Facebook and is currently up and running for LUMS.


Edutative is an education platform to help students regarding admissions, scholarships and everything that is related to education and universities.


It’s a platform which allows merchants or regular users invoice and receive payments through cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.) safely, and at zero (free) transaction charges

7.Rabbit Drop

Rabbit Drop is a platform where products from different stores will be listed. Users will have to pay a flat fee to get their groceries at their door-step. It will use optimized routes to make sure order is delivered on quickly. It will also provide a platform to different vendors and manufacturers to advertise and promote their products.

Voosh will let you create your website, provide its content, css / html / graphics, the same as other projects like WordPress. The result will be that your old style website, where clicking any link requires a full page reload, will be converted to a modern web application, which will make your website very fast and responsive.

9.Cube Exchange

A proprietary and secure trading platform called Cube Trader accessible through a Web browser that allows cubic meters of container space to be traded online like every other valuable commodity on the planet.


Segmentrix is a SaaS product providing the transaction and reporting/analysis platform for Retail Universe Segmentation to SMEs related to any FMCG/Consumer goods or services providing organization/company.


The team wants to build a software of LIVE CHAT that is good enough to beat the best ones out there and give it free of cost to some potential users initially.

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