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Meet the Nokia 215; The Low Priced Facebook Phone That Entertains.

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  1 min read >

Nokia has had quite the track record recently when it comes to making budget friendly phones, the Nokia X series managed to rock the market and while Nokia doesn’t have the durability of the Nokia 3310 anymore, it seems that their new phone is targeting the consumer with thin pockets while also providing them the opportunity to enjoy social media and many other entertainment options on the move.

The Nokia 215 is a simple $29 (without taxes and subsidies) phone that offers a lengthy battery life to last you for nearly 30 days, the durability of a slightly weaker Nokia 3310 and with the integration of Facebook and Facebook Messenger, you can be sure that you never miss a buzz while on the move with instant notifications!

This phone also comes bundled with Twitter pre-installed for those who are more vocal than those of us who like to lurk our timelines, this will allow you to tweet as you go and see your time line on a easy to use, light client.

Additionally the phone has stuff that is sure to entice a buyer, these are features that really aren’t present in phones in the similar price bracket; features like a flashlight, MP3 player (50 hour playback), FM Radio (45 hour playback), dual-SIM, durable and having a variety of colors to choose from. SLAM is a new way to share that makes sharing files between two SLAM capable devices is as simple as bringing them close together.

The phone has an amazing stand-by time of 29 days (on single SIM) while the dual SIM variant offers 21 days. If you are one for talking and wish to make the most of your call packages, the 20 hour talktime will be sure to let you stay hooked on the phone to your hearts content.

This is indeed a phone that is sure to entice a lot of people who are looking for a secondary phone to carry with them or for a person who is looking to buy a phone with select features but doesn’t want to break the bank.

The phone has certainly managed to wow me and for the price I am sure that this thing will be on top for quite some time for the low price range consumer, if Nokia throws in WhatsApp integration then you can bet that this thing will fly off the shelves!