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PM special advisory Chaired Meeting with PAMA to discuss EV policy

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  58 sec read >

Prime Minister’s special advisory on Industries, Commerce and Production Abdul Razzaq Dawood conducted a meeting for the Auto Industry Development Committee. This meeting aimed to discuss the active manufacturing of electric vehicles in Pakistan. Engineering Development Board organized the aforementioned meeting.

In the meeting, a series of apprehensions were discussed by the auto sector. Several governmental functionaries including Pakistan Association of Auto Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAMA), the industry of commerce, along with leading vehicle manufacturers attended the meeting.

Abdul Razzaq decided that the policy for Electric Vehicle is acting as the domain of MoIP (Ministry of Industries and Production) according to the rules of business. Therefore the focal department should be EDB (Engineering Development Board) that will take all legal decisions for the policy.


The Engineering board is fully authorized for the preparation EV policy. EDB is also required to publish the first draft within this month. Several tariffs and non-tariff pitches were discussed in the meeting. The local stakeholder asked for the concrete recommendation for the domestic manufacturing of Electric Vehicles within 15-20 days.

The investments for the EVs should be done under the umbrella of the Auto Development Policy according to the meeting. Factors like equipment standardization, localization promotion, and components and parts export should be considered while drafting the electric vehicles policy. The local production of EVs will generate employment and stabilize the national economy in the long run.

The main stress by Dawood was on the term “Make in Pakistan”. This means local manufacturing will be supported in every policy and the policies by Government that discourages the import of automotive parts should be highlighted in the draft.